About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect businesses with candidates who will add real value to the team and organization, not just show up and perform tasks without an investment and a desire to form real professional relationships. We also strive to better industries by training those entering the workforce and people looking for a career change to meet the demands of companies looking to grow. We want our clients to succeed in every part of their businesses from the big picture objectives to the smallest details of management and day-to-day organization.

Our Practice

We don’t see our clients as strangers. We get to know business owners and their businesses to connect them with staff who will truly fit their needs and goals. BCS provides personalized solutions and keeps you informed of all of your options. We want you to feel confident that you’re running your business effectively and feel empowered to take things to the next level with our assistance.


About BCS

Bruton Corporate Solutions is a service-based consulting firm, using strategy, training, and effective outreach methods to help small businesses in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and beyond find the best candidates the first time. We also offer service ranging from compliance to virtual assistance, so business owners can focus on running their businesses while we keep things organized and employees informed.


Tai J. Bruton, PHR

Founder & CEO

Tai Bruton is the founder and CEO of Bruton Corporate Solutions. With a few industry changes before discovering an appetite for HR and experiencing the joy and fulfilling challenge that is motherhood, she understands better than most the challenge of finding the perfect job, a great employee, and how challenging it can be to manage it all and run a business.

With a bachelors degree from Morgan State University, a professional certificate in HR, and almost a decade of Human Resources experience, Tai is a maven in using high-level planning and a passion for people to connect companies and job seekers. She also strives to improve communities and industries by training people to make an impact in industries and fill the demand for qualified workers.