HR Services as Solutions


Whether you’re a small mom & pop shop, have 100+ employees, or are somewhere in between, BCS has a variety of services to ease the stress of managing crucial aspects of your business from hiring and training to finance management.


How can we benefit your business?

BCS is HR at our core, but we offer more because we know that business owners have a lot to focus on to be successful. From compliance and benefits administration, to project management and virtual assistant tasks, we strive to bring business owners and entrepreneurs peace of mind and confidence.


BCS will work to connect your company with qualified candidates and streamline your interview and onboarding proceedings. Through social media outreach and optimizing your job listings on our own website and other search engines, we make sure your listings are not only being seen but seen by the right audiences. 

We also carefully explore professional profiles to find candidates that fit your company’s needs. BCS gets to know your business and discovers the type of workers that will be the best fit for your business and its goals.

Training and Workforce Development

Preparing candidates for jobs in growing industries is essential to maintaining thriving communities and industries. On top of training candidates, we actively work to make sure those with existing skills connect with businesses near them that are in need of qualified workers.

Benefits Administration

We will save you time and resources by making sure your employees are always in the know on all of their benefits and any changes or updates. This includes health insurance and retirement plans. We will make sure that your employees have the knowledge to make responsible decisions regarding 401(k) plans as well as their options for benefits like dental and life insurance.


BCS will make sure everyone in every part of your business, from management to employees, are in compliance with the regulations and laws to avoid ethical issues, breach of contracts, and other legal complications.

There are federal, state, and local laws that may apply to your business depending on its size, type of business or location.  Most businesses do not find out that they are not compliant after it is too late. Fines can be outrageous and can cause some businesses to close their doors. BCS will work to help you avoid these fines.

Virtual Assistance and Project Management 

In need of a little organizational help and time and procedure management for projects? BCS will make sure things are running like a well-oiled machine. From wherever you are, we will work with you and/or your team to provide additional help and make sure that the small details aren’t overlooked.

Between managing email accounts, data entry, scheduling, and research for things like inventory and travel, running a business and managing employees can be overwhelming. We help to make sure you have peace of mind and continue to enjoy being a business owner.